Honesty, Integrity, and Working Hard for you.


I will always try to tell the truth and admit when I am wrong. It is often said that to be a politician is to be ambiguous about the truth - some bluntly say to be a politician is to be a liar. I have always placed the highest value on truth, but don’t take my word for it. Part is from my parents, but also it is from my training in science wherethose who lie about evidence are quickly found out and their careers destroyed. So, as a new candidate I have taken the truth pledge, which can be found in this link www.truthpledge.org. I will do my best to be honest about facts vs. opinions and cite evidence for fact checking, and providing retractions in cases of errors. Being incorrect is not a terrible thing, staying wrong is. If elected I expect you to hold me to this pledge.

I will insist that the city engage the community and put the citizens’ interests first. I want to see the Council become not just more responsive, but engage citizens from all parts of the city. We do a pretty good job of sending newsletters and other information, but there are large groups we do not reach. Some aren’t engaged in city happenings, others don’t know the question exists. We are engaging at a neighborhood level, but I believe we can do even better - especially with newcomers who often have the fresh, new ideas and energy needed to make a good city better.

“Think gobally, act locally”.
We need to work even closer with our neighbors now that boundaries are snug up against each other and impact everyone. The regional planning that was so soundly rejected some 30 years ago would have mitigated many current problems, and I do not want that expensive lesson wasted. We need each other.


For Change!
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For the People!

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